Ready, aim, fire…that is what sales and selling comes down to, aiming for a sale and trying to secure business.

Sales is a crucial and essential element of any business. Many business people do not consider themselves sales people but every day you work and interact with customers, contacts etc you are selling your offering.

An efficient sale process is a requirement for any business who needs to increase their sales and their top-line and really perform and out perform the competition.

In business science a sales process describes an approach to selling a product or service. The sales process can be/has been approached from the point of view of an engineering discipline.

So how valuable is a sales process? Research shows that businesses who follow a sales process are more likely to achieve profit and sales goals.

High performing sales organizations are more likely to :

  • Guide salesperson activity with formal sales processes.
  • Ensure salespeople understand the sales processes they implement.
  • Provide salespeople with adequate training in sales processes.
  • Routinely assess the effectiveness of sales process.

The process is only as valuable as the use that is made of it.

In order for any business to really gain sales, revenue and value from sales activity, all activity needs to be regularly addressed and assessed. This involves addresses your lost business as much as you address your business won.

It may not need to be studied in detail theoretically but it does need to be recognised for its’ benefit to business revenue and business operations.

Some prefer to move on from business lost and dismiss it but Bofin Marketing believes that in many instances we do so at a business peril.

There is a process and procedure for other valuables and elements in our business mix. Sales is a key valuable in business. As such, a process is justifiable and it will provide returns when managed and applied in a simple and effective way.

Remember, you will not convert every sales call or enquiry you make or receive. Never lose heart with this. What does not kill you, makes you strong. Strive to keep going and sell to win !

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