This week we feel compelled to write about the importance of planning in business. We have recently seen the damage that can be done to a business if the plan is not addressed, even in brief, at the outset of a project. The result is panic and urgent action. A plan has now been put in place, the business would have saved themselves valuable time, resources and money if they had only planned.

In life we plan. In our business lives you also need to plan and you need to treat this plan as a priority task but not as a concrete one. The beauty of your plan is that it can change.

The saying “fail to plan and you plan to fail” is truer than we often appreciate. We plan our day, we diary our meetings and our tasks. So, why not place the same priority on a complete plan for every business step, revenue arm and marketing activity.

The most important items in a plan are the budget, the actual cost to the business, the business it generates or the investment it symbolises, timelines and the task managers.

Good planning reduces mistakes, helps you to safeguard against obstacles and reduces the likelihood of a business “throwing good money after bad”.

Putting pen to paper to plan proficiently for your business will be time well spent. Bofin Marketing are here to help you plan.

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