Outside the box for business

There are some fantastic homegrown businesses in Ireland and beyond.

These businesses often do not appreciate their strength and the opportunity that their idea, products or services represent. We, as a nation are not as confident as other nationalities when it comes to appreciating and realising our own abilities. In doing so, we often limit our […]

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Making the Intangible Tangible

One of the most challenging marketing tasks for any business where the product or service cannot be physically felt, examined, experienced pre sales or viewed is tangibility.

Some professions and sectors who face this in their sales and marketing process are the professional service sectors (accountants, solicitors, marketing consultants like Bofin Marketing, etc) and the Tourism […]

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The Employment Step for SMEs

We are, each of us, one person and one person cannot physically or mentally undertake every task that is required in business.

Business owners and managers reach a stage, maybe from the realisation that they cannot do everything, the readiness to delegate and trust someone else to undertake a task for their business or the business […]

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