We are, each of us, one person and one person cannot physically or mentally undertake every task that is required in business.

Business owners and managers reach a stage, maybe from the realisation that they cannot do everything, the readiness to delegate and trust someone else to undertake a task for their business or the business has reached a change stage in the business cycle.

We have noted a consistent requirement from clients for advice on how to get more resources in terms of engaging someone as an employee in their specific businesses. Maybe Bofin Marketing should branch into recruitment??

Trust is an issue for businesses particularly when they are seeking their first employee. Business people realise now more than ever the importance of employing persons who deliver and who are customer and task focused.

Bofin Marketing invites SMEs who may be prospective employers at present or in their business future to note the following regarding employment options:

JobBridge, JobsPlus, Revenue Job Assist, Employers Job Incentive Scheme, and the FAS Wage Subsidy Scheme are worth consideration.

As always, we are here to help your business. Contact us directly at info@bofinmarketing.ie or call us on 053 9245003.

We wish you a positive working week.

The Bofin Marketing Team.