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One of the most challenging marketing tasks for any business where the product or service cannot be physically felt, examined, experienced pre sales or viewed is tangibility.

Some professions and sectors who face this in their sales and marketing process are the professional service sectors (accountants, solicitors, marketing consultants like Bofin Marketing, etc) and the Tourism & hospitality sector. These sectors traditionally rely on the clients experience of their service to sell and sell again. These sectors often rely on referrals for business and word of mouth.

Marketing and selling your service and product where they are intangible is a constant challenge. There is a constant quest for more creativity and new ideas to increase awareness in the right way, to the right prospective clients and to generate more revenue.

One form of marketing which can help this (and with a min timeframe when utilised correctly) is video marketing. Video marketing can put a face to a product, property or service, it helps to provide it with a personality and it showcases the offering in a simple clarified and focused way. The objective of professional video marketing for business is to deliver a tangible experience to the viewer. If you invest in video marketing for your business, you must ensure it is used on multi platforms (and in a professionally planned way to really maximise the benefit to your business).

Video marketing is now being used increasingly in the Irish tourism & hospitality sector and in the professional sectors as a sales & marketing tool. There is absolutely no reason why it can not be used in many other fields and sectors, for the greater good, being to increase profile and increase revenue.

Remember, we eat with our eyes first, fact!

Video marketing tip: Do your research if you decide to engage a video marketing service provider, research all carefully, ensure that you are working with professionals who can supply solid references. Video marketing to promote your product/service can be a worthwhile and productive spend if used in the right way.

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