think outside the box

There are some fantastic homegrown businesses in Ireland and beyond.

These businesses often do not appreciate their strength and the opportunity that their idea, products or services represent. We, as a nation are not as confident as other nationalities when it comes to appreciating and realising our own abilities. In doing so, we often limit our own opportunities.

With this in mind Bofin Marketing encourages clients to think outside the box for business. We encourage clients to consider every obstacle as an opportunity.

We believe that 9 times out of 10 there is a way around most challenges and obstacles. Businesses need to dream big and think big. Look at your business from all angles, revenue wise and from a practicality point and think outside the box.

In your sales strategy, sow your seeds and drill downward, look at all the weaves and turns, think outside the sales box for opportunities. If you have always looked at a specific market, consider are there new markets, new opportunities and new routes to sales that could work for your business.

With marketing activity, what works, what dosn’t ? What can you do differently, don’t be afraid to change your marketing style or habit. Look at your audience reach, is there a new audience out there, can you spread your wings.

It all comes down to changing your thinking and thinking a little bit, just a little bit “outside the box”. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, it wasn’t built without a dream and it certainly was different but it worked.

Wishing you a positive working week.

The Bofin Marketing Team.

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