Ladies and gents, we are now in the peak tourism season. With this comes a key window of opportunity for businesses who trade in the tourism & hospitality sector (or those whose business may be affected by the tourism trade) to generate their key revenue.

This is the season when the sun shines (although that may not be a given in our fine land!), people take their holidays and spend some money in the hotels, the restaurants, the bars. The ancillary business to be won is that experienced by retailers taxis, beauty business and others.

Overall, it is the time, that the sector and retailers must be on top of their game, be organised and be sales focused coupled with service focused.

The two kings that businesses have are cash and the customer. This is especially true in the tourism & hospitality sector businesses and those other business types who benefit from the tourism trade.

During the Celtic Tiger years, some lost sight of the importance of providing real customer service and to be fair, customers didn’t appreciate it as much as they do now or did in pre-celtic tiger times. Maybe we forgot ourselves or maybe we are incorrect in that perception.

One thing is a fact in current times, we all, as customers, do remember the good and the bad customer experiences. We are however more likely to always discuss the bad ones.

Cash may be king but if the customer isn’t happy, they will not part with their cash. Ultimately, one is dependent on the others experience. They are a pair of cosy kings !

Bofin Marketing would say, put your game face on, offer that solution to the customer. What solution you ask? The requirement and the solution differs dependent on the situation; It could be that cutlery they are missing at their table, could be a comfortable table or chair in the restaurant, genuine assistance in the shop…..its’ as simple as one line “how can I help you.”

One example; you go for a meal in a nice restaurant, you get violently sick within 30 minutes of your main course, you run to use the facilities and what happens? No staff member enquires in this quiet restaurant night to see how you are, offers help or a discount and proceeds to let you leave.

What did you want as a customer? You wanted a caring enquiry, an offer of goodwill, an apology.

What will you do as a customer? You will never darken their door again. What have they lost? They have lost an opportunity…..for repeat custom and for positive awareness. This is based on a factual scenario, it did happen.

What is forgotten at times is the following:

Excellent customer service = productive marketing = sales.

Be real, be genuine, be customer focused, be sales focused and use common sense. Heres’ to some nice Summer weather in Ireland this year and heres’ to an optimum tourism trading season.

Go forth, make happy customers and you will generate sales.

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Wishing you a positive working week.

The Bofin Marketing Team.

Bofin Marketing is here to help your business.