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A new solution offer from Bofin Marketing.

We asked this question…..What are some of the items that exist on a lot of business wish-lists today? 

–       Funding guidance.

–       Revenue generation ancillary options.

–       Creative focused mentoring and regular assistance.

–       Sales & Marketing support service when required.

–       To use their time in a smarter manner.

–       Extra time in the working day!! (Never enough hours!)

–       Ultimately, sales, more revenue and a work life balance.

Business Time Live from Bofin Marketing, is a new solution for business owners/managers.

  • It works to save you valuable work and travel time.
  • Cost effective option in terms of time and financial outlay.
  • Allows you to schedule your meeting and sales & marketing time remotely at a time that suits you.
  • Allows you to check in with your sales, marketing and business support option when you need to using resources readily available to you with no additional investment.
  • Direct contact facility regardless of location.
  • A time saving solution which can increase your work output.

We listen to what clients want and we work to continually help businesses.

The Business Time Live option from Bofin Marketing will answer some or all of the items on some business wish-lists. This new service has been put together to help more businesses who have different needs and challenges.

To find out more about this new offer from Bofin Marketing email or call Mags Boland Murphy on 086 3115789 to discuss further.

Wishing you a positive working week.

The Bofin Marketing Team.

Bofin Marketing is here to help your business.