customer-service-24772550 As an island, the Irish have been renowned for attention to the customer.

The reputation as Ireland of the thousand welcomes has helped the tourism sector in general to generate a key revenue stream for the country.

As a service provider/worker, do you think exemplary customer service is a justified expectation by the customer ? Now, as a customer ask yourself the same question. Why do you deal with specific suppliers of service? Would you deal with a supplier if customer service was rubbish?

Have you ever walked from a store as customer because you did not receive the customer service you expected? I can say that I most certainly have.

An interesting statistic to bite on….70% of customer experiences are influenced by how the customer feels they are being treated.

During the “Celtic Tiger” era and shoulder years, customer service may have become a little lost as a priority focus in that sunny economic climate. There may have been a perception that the business and customer would come, arrive, order, pay and depart happy and satisfied with little expectation. The change in economic climate in recent years has once again shone a light on the importance of superior and full professional customer service not just in the Irish Tourism & hospitality sector but in every professional product and service area.

Businesses rely on the following; attracting custom, securing interest, receiving customer orders for service/product, and payment. Successfully working through these steps as a business is an achievement. More important still is proper follow up, positive and constructive feedback and ultimately repeat custom. I was told many years ago, take time to be genuine and the line of “it costs nothing to be nice” rings through.

On a positive and proud note, I can personally say that I believe we are still leaps above some of our European counterparts in the Tourism, Hotel & hospitality arena.

Firstly, we want the custom and welcome the customer, we provide information to entice the customer. As a nation, we recognize the sector as a profession. It is one of the most challenging but rewarding sectors to work in. It requires a great deal of communication, sprinkling of psychology and some strong patience and energy.

At the end of the day, repeat custom in service sectors boils down in large part to the ability of personnel to interact professionally and pleasantly with their customers, yes, it does cost nothing to be nice and it can make you money.

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Wishing you a positive working week.

Mags Boland & The Bofin Marketing Team.