Are_You_Using_Your_Strengths_to_Ride_This_RecessionWe have been doing work between Sweden, Ireland and the UK for the last six months. While in Sweden we are learning something new every day. Sweden is a country which is very organised, structured and technologically advanced in a lot of ways.

This is a country where a great deal is automated in the most secure fashion. Sweden has a great deal to teach our business world in terms of embracing technology to benefit our business arena.

The Irish business strengths
We have a great deal to learn from countries worldwide including Sweden. However, Ireland also has a great deal to impart to other business nations.

2-b_40_10_handschlagIt is only when we leave our own home country we realise our true capabilities and talents as much as we do our weaknesses.

  1. We are infinitely advanced in terms of our sales skills and our customer focus. It comes naturally to us. This is one reason why the Irish are reknowned as superior salespeople. The plus of course is that we actually do work to close the sale. We have an innate ability to connect and build relationships with people. Pat on the back for us all !
  2. We provide customer service. Again, our ability to communicate effectively with people and prioritise the customer is something which sets us apart from our counterparts in some corners of the world.
  3. We believe in our tourism & hospitality offering. We provide a fantastic range of choice and service in terms of our whole tourism and hospitality sector. We have standards and we recognise the professionalism required in this sector, we respect it as such. This is not the case in other countries.
  4. Our work ethic is above par. We can multitask and more importantly, we are open to multitasking. We will work to get the job done.
  5. We adapt and overcome. The recession is again testament to this fact where a record number of new business initiatives have been launched since 2007. People are doing it for themselves. We also possess one key ability; we can (for the most) think on our feet. We are more able and resourceful than we appreciate.

We are not perfect, but it is worth noting the positives that we offer. We need to stop and appreciate some of our talents as an economic and business entity.

I feel it is important to mention this as we enter the second month of a new business year. The world is a big place. Business is there to be done. Businesses, regardless of size need to think big, do not set limitations on yourself, your focus or your business.

Focus on the positives and be willing to learn, be open to change in order to strengthen your business and ultimately benefit your bottom line.

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Wishing you a good working week.

Mags Boland & The Bofin Marketing team.