People make the world go around. In life and in business we deal with people. Building relationships and making contacts is key to doing business. Ireland is a nation of stories related to the “6 degrees of seperation” scenario, infact, the world is a small one.

What is the key here? Networking and mixing with people. Networking comes naturally to some people and not so to others. It is essential to be out there meeting prospective clients, making connections and to be present.

Our office received a call from a long standing contact in the financial sector. They told us that they now had to network and sell as an add on to their existing role. They asked “How do I network? How do I do what you do naturally?”. The reply, practice makes perfect. When you actually know what you are talking about then you have an advantage.

Finding a common denominator with prospects and new contacts is important. In fact, finding this with anyone new you meet in life is key to how well you connect. As a nation, we enjoy chatting but the art of conversation and networking is an art and it is two way; listening and speaking.

I will let you into a secret, I was very shy until I entered the working world. The two roles that thought me the most about the power of connection; bar-tending and sales. Character building stuff!!

In both these roles, you either sink or swim and it truly is survival of the fittest. I wasn’t as self confident as others at the time. I had the power inside me but was not able to vocalise as well as others. I wasn’t a fan of being the loudest or the proudest. People perceive the most effective salespeople and networkers as being the most extrovert. For a lot of people this does apply but not for all. Sometimes the loudest vessels do infact make the most noise and are quite empty.

We are now building strong business links in Sweden and the UK. We are doing business in Sweden and will continue to do so in the future. How did this happen; sheer determination, an open mind but networking and making connections was the real key.

People do business with people, fact. Networking is a key step in the business process.

So what is the upshot, get out there, be present in the marketplace, do think with strategy and follow up after every networking event.

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Mags Boland & the Bofin Marketing team.