Lets’ start this post by saying, welcome Summertime! Sunny days are always welcome. It gives us all more pep in our step! I went for a stroll on the beach this evening with my five year old daughter and her sidekick, her beauty of a giddy golden retriever and my mobile had no coverage…..and I was actually okay with that! I could breath.

I am a champion of all things social, online and offline. One of the services and solutions I offer is strategic Sales & Marketing and social media plays an important role in the mix.

In business, you need to appreciate and familiarise yourself with the power of the online social media stratosphere. For sure, when used correctly and with strategy, it will benefit you and your business. However, of late, I have noticed something (from my own viewpoint) that appears to be coming more prevalent. We are forgetting the offline piece.

Some assume that if you are present online, then you are 100% present and need to be on all platforms 24/7. Often, I have seen a state of mild panic set in for businesses and individuals. Others back away from social media, due largely to a little bit of fear of the unknown and the trust question. On the other hand, there are those who are the polar opposite. Getting the balance right is important.

Firstly, you don’t need to be present on each and every platform, not every platform will suit or benefit you or your business strategy. Secondly, lets’ face it, none of us can be online every minute, every hour of everyday, unless it is your full time role.

I physically felt like I needed a mini break from Twitter and other social media platforms in recent weeks. I just needed a “sos beat” (small break in Irish)! For a lot of us, our iPads, phones and laptops have become an extension of our arm. Increasingly, both personally and professionally I am hearing this from other business owners and from friends.

I am also passionate about people and appreciate the value of face to face time, connecting with people offline. On a business note, we need to get the balance right, yes, connecting online with likeminded business contacts, our target markets and being present online etc is important and dare I say it, necessary to a certain extent. But those relationships built online are of no value if they are not taken offline. We need to keep that piece real, the face to face piece. Having zillions of followers, likes, etc is of no consequence if it is not benefiting your business and/or your life.

I have to say, that I have and continue to benefit from online connections I have made for business. I do endeavour to take those offline, at the end of the day, we still do business with people and not systems. There are a great deal more opportunities for business if said business is connecting the right way on the right platforms….horses for courses so to speak.

It is also my opinion (for what it’s worth) that we are more able to be ourselves when we are active on social media, we can have a bit of fun with it, part of our personality and that of our business rings through, which in an ironic way for many it enables people to connect easier than if we walked into a room full of those same connections offline. However, long term and in reality, the online connection needs to be elevated to an offline meet and become the people piece.

We are entering a digitised age for business, for that reason it is imperative that we keep abreast of changes online in so far as they will impact or benefit us and our business. But for the record, I prescribe a little break from all things online regularly…..and for those of you who are arguing with yourself….it is actually okay and beneficial to take that break.

Wishing you a good working week

Mags @ Bofin Consultancy – helping business to succeed