This is the first of the bofin business tips to help businesses do business and succeed.

The Tip; Work on your business as well as in it.

Lets’ start with a given; if you don’t take the time to work on your business, it won’t grow. If you stand still and don’t move, then nothing changes. Action breeds action and inaction breeds inaction.

It is easy to get caught up the business of looking after your clients, customers and working in the business, all of which is important. However, we neglect to set some time aside to work on our own business, there lies my first business tip, take time to work on your business.

Start with something simple like a pen, paper and a cuppa, and find a quiet spot for some short uninterrupted time. Look honestly and objectively at your business, look it in the eye. Assess the business, where is it at? Where do you want it to go? What are the problems? What is causing the problems? What would help to fix the problems? Also, look at your business strengths and positives, recognise and acknowledge these too.

By doing this, you are on the way to moving forward and that is what I am about, moving forward and making progress. It is a very simple action but a really worthwhile one for both you and for the business.

During business strategy sessions with clients we look at the whole business, we listen and learn more about your business, we discuss any problems that solutions would remedy or benefit and we work to help the client to plan for continued their success.

If you are serious about success and about your business and would like to schedule a free business strategy session, please contact me at anytime on or call me on 086 3115789 and I would be happy to find more about your business.

Here is a link to a recent video piece I recorded on this subject – enjoy! Bofin Business Tip

Wishing you a great working week.

Mags @ Bofin Consultancy.