Butterfly moments in Business copy“Business Changes, life changes.

The problem isn’t change,

change will happen.

What matters is how we handle

and cope with change.”

Everything has a cycle. We all need change to develop, maintain interest, to be relevant and to progress. It is a natural thing. This applies to life, relationships and business.

When I started my business, I honestly did not know what the future held.

I did know that there would be challenges. I knew that changes would happen and perhaps changes that would take the myself and the business in a direction which I had not expected. This is not a negative thing and it is a necessary part of business growth and evolution.

Everyday in business and in life will teach us some lesson, simple or otherwise. There is always something to be learned, always.

When I work with businesses, department managers, business owners and focused achievers I love to see change happen, I love to see businesses making things happen. They experience what I refer to as metamorphous and some “butterfly” moments. Businesses progress with cognitive and exponential business growth through change.

I love it when a client calls me to tell me about a new direction they are taking, funding they have secured, awards they have won, new markets they are entering, new products or services they are developing, personnel changes they are making, challenges they are meeting face on, I champion this.

Why should I love this? It tells me (for the most part) that they are growing, that they are taking action, changing, developing, sustaining, achieving, succeeding and excelling. This is positive progress and it may not all be obviously positive to the people involved as it happens.

“In life, change is inevitable, In business, change is vital. – Warren Beck.”

Like the caterpillar develops into the butterfly, successful and focused start-ups and established larger businesses develop into growing businesses who may diversify to sustain their business long term.

This may be challenging and involve uncertainty and a little fear, it is positive and it is completely natural. Businesses  who want to succeed embrace these experiences and moments for real progress.

Lets’ consider a business which is homegrown and developed from raw start-up concept to a real life well visited website with an app which, most of us have used at one stage or another; Daft.ie

Daft.ie was developed from a need identified to solve a problem by two or three young professionals with little investment. The one investment they had was their vision for an online concept that would solve a problem and make an everyday challenge a little easier. There was quite a bit of fear with this, fear from those who did not trust the internet (at the time) and fear of the unknown. However, the brains behind it believed in it.

Daft.ie grew and developed with simple and regular change and lots of “butterfly” moments. Without these moments the business would have experienced limited growth and we would not have the platform and app we have today where we all search for properties to rent, buy and sell online with the simple solution that grew and evolved with change.

I have worked with lots of great businesses of all sizes and business owners who have similar stories to tell and who are well accustomed to these special bright light moments, moments of enlightenment, moments when the perceived difficult decision becomes clearly an easier decision,  the “breathe easy” moments, often stressful times; “butterfly” moments. These businesses are achievers, they are reaching potential, working around challenges, planning proficiently and succeeding.

If we stand still, nothing changes. Why am I writing this? I want managers and business owners (regardless of business size!) to really realize consistently that you need to look ahead with confidence, you cannot afford to stand still for too long, become complacent or be paralyzed by the fear of “what if”, uncertainty or lack of knowledge.

At the moment, there is a great deal of uncertainty with Brexit and how it will affect business in Ireland and the global economy. I think the only thing we can do at present is to ask “What do I need to do in my business to be Brexit ready?”

There are also other challenges that businesses face; is the business viable, where will we find the right people for our business, how can we keep the really good employees we have, how can we diversify, Is our pricing right? how do we reach more of the ideal clients we want? How can we enter new markets? How will we manage growth? Do we take that risk? How can we secure the funding we need to sustain what we have? How do we stand out from our competitors?

All questions, all challenges that many businesses are dealing with every day. It applies to businesses of all sizes, small, medium or large, challenge and the business cycle is not bias.

“Don’t be afraid of what could go wrong, start being excited about what could go right.” – Tony Robbins.

My own business has gone through change, change that has helped us to grow and develop our solutions for business owners to help continue the work we do and the support we provide to business owners, managers and CEOs who really want to achieve and succeed consistently.

Do you want and need to create more success for your business in 2019?

Do you want to develop and support your team?

Do you want to reach more of your ideal customers or clients?

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Wishing you a good day ahead.

 Mags Boland Murphy & The Bofin Consultancy team.