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Seize Business Butterfly Moments for Growth

“Business Changes, life changes.

The problem isn’t change,

change will happen.

What matters is how we handle

and cope with change.”

Everything has a cycle. We all need change to develop, maintain interest, to be relevant and to progress. It is a natural thing. This applies to life, relationships and business.

When I started my business, I honestly […]

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Learn to Listen & Listen to Learn

Another new business year has well and truly dawned. It brings with it heaps of great opportunities for those of us focused enough to seize them. These opportunities are not all just about closing deals immediately, they also include what I consider to be an integral part of business, entrepreneurship and life. It is, the […]

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Strong Close for 2017 & Smart Planning for 2018

We are now well into the final quarter of 2017. It is time to ask is your business on point to achieve the goals and objectives for your business this year?

Here are some questions to ask to assess how you can continue to strive in the final quarter and assess business and marketing activities to […]

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How to start planning for profit in business – Lets’ Profit Plan today.

Planning is the cornerstone of so many areas in our lives. Planning is also one of the cornerstones of the support we provide to clients and businesses.

Would you build a house without a plan? No you wouldn’t. Likewise, building a business is similar, it needs a foundation and a simple plan.

Every business needs a plan […]

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Check in time

June has closed and we are entering the second half of the year, time to take stock, take note of how 2017 is going for our businesses.

This is the time of year when we are all either going on holiday, on holiday, coming off holiday or looking forward to a holiday. Before we pack our […]

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Tourism Bundles

Business Description: Tourism agency

Job Description: Tourism Bundles for a county region

This project was completed in February 2017. It included liaising with 30 businesses in an Irish county region to develop tourism bundles which would be delivered to the domestic and international markets. Upon completion, a designed marketing collateral piece was produced to support and sell […]

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Quick Positive Real Reflection

Its’ that time of year again ladies and gents, Santa season. It is the time when all of us are getting ready to put on that darling “out of office” on our email, send Christmas wishes, get last pieces of deadlines done & dusted. Lets’ face it we are also dusting the office to be […]

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Work On Your Business

This is the first of the bofin business tips to help businesses do business and succeed.

The Tip; Work on your business as well as in it.

Lets’ start with a given; if you don’t take the time to work on your business, it won’t grow. If you stand still and don’t move, then nothing changes. Action […]

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Being Present – The People Piece

Lets’ start this post by saying, welcome Summertime! Sunny days are always welcome. It gives us all more pep in our step! I went for a stroll on the beach this evening with my five year old daughter and her sidekick, her beauty of a giddy golden retriever and my mobile had no coverage…..and I […]

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New Business Programme for Tourism & Hospitality Sector

Introducing the Optimum Tourism Trading (OTT) Programme.

The OTT programme solution has been designed by Bofin Consultancy to help independent tourism businesses (and those businesses who rely in some part on the tourism trade) to sell and market their business to grow revenue. The emphasis is on proactive activity, capitalizing on existing facilities and existing business, […]

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