Networking Business

People make the world go around. In life and in business we deal with people. Building relationships and making contacts is key to doing business. Ireland is a nation of stories related to the “6 […]

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Irish Business Strengths

We have been doing work between Sweden, Ireland and the UK for the last six months. While in Sweden we are learning something new every day. Sweden is a country which is very organised, structured […]

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The Positive Hospitality Experience.

When was the last time you enjoyed time away in a hotel, a resort etc on a holiday or break and could say when you left that “yes, I really enjoyed that, I would love […]

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We provide exemplary customer service.

 As an island, the Irish have been renowned for attention to the customer.

The reputation as Ireland of the thousand welcomes has helped the tourism sector in general to generate a key revenue stream for the […]

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Some Economic Sunshine

Bofin Marketing is like other Irish SMEs, it is learning, growing and changing. Lets’ share some positive economic light with you. Bofin Business news bite: 43% of consumers surveyed have switched in past year. This switching […]

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Happy Customers = Sales

Ladies and gents, we are now in the peak tourism season. With this comes a key window of opportunity for businesses who trade in the tourism & hospitality sector (or those whose business may be affected […]

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Mags Boland Murphy

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