Tourism Consultancy

Business description:  Well established Irish tourism & hosptiality entity.

Project requirement:   Tourism Marketing & Sales consultancy.

The business required a full sales & marketing overview initially. This was followed by long term tourism consultancy. The goal was to help initiate a positive and proactive sales & marketing mindset inhouse, and set standard sales and marketing procedures. The culmination is a proactive sales & marketing plan, proficient staff trained and guided in all areas of tourism marketing & sales with an increase in awareness, a focused sales & marketing mindset inhouse and a increase in revenue reach. 

Tourism Consultancy

Business description:  Swedish Tourism support organisation.

Project requirement:  Tourism Marketing & Sales consultancy.

The client requested an assesment of their sales & marketing support tools which they provide to businesses and entitities who trade within the Swedish Tourism & Hospitality sector.

The client and ourselves met and assessed all areas of their sales & marketing support tools. Needs were identified, recommendations provided and a successful programme of learning delivered via our Optimum Tourism Trading (OTT) Programme.

This programme is to be edited and delivered again in Sweden in 2016.

Strategic Sales & Marketing Consultancy 

Business description:  Retail business with a strong business history.

Project requirement:   Strategic Sales & Marketing consultancy.

This project included a branding redress, business mentoring and strategic sales and marketing consultancy.

The client business is in existance over sixty years and has a strong trading history.

The business now needed to evolve and develop a refreshed brand. It also needed to consider the stock it was carrying. The objective was to stock more local and artisan food stock and a long-term plan to develop a inshop dining area.

The business was proficiently rebranded and stock packaged. A sales & marketing activity plan for both offline and online activity was developed, delivered and successfully executed.

Feasibility study 

Business description:  Well established Retail business.

Project requirement:   Feasibility Study.

A complete feasibility study was undertaken to examine the feasibility of opening a new retail business concept and associated premises in a specific location.

The proposed premises would represent a uniquely different offering to the public and the surrounding communities.

This project involved market research and examination of data and reference files. Cost considerations were noted as were marketing mix elements.

Business Mentoring

Business description:        Tourism & Leisure facility

Project requirement:         Business mentoring.

The requirement from the client was to instill a professional sales & marketing mindset in key frontline personnel. Proper and efficient Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were introduced for the sales & marketing arm of the business.

Business strategy and revenue generation has been addressed in detail. The benefit to date has produced a complete change in mindset, focus and atmosphere in a very positive manner and ultimately a focus on thinking outside the box, using the resources readily available and increasing the top line. 

Sales Training

Business description:        Media service provider

Project requirement:         Professional Sales Training.

The client requirement was to take the full business sales team and deliver an extensive two day sales training programme.

The team were derived from a mix of professional disciplines and associated experience range. They were now all salespersons for the business as part of their individual business roles.

The sales process was addressed in full, including the following professional etiquette, lead generation, proper follow up, the value of proficient customer service and addressing lost business.

Event Management 

Business description:        National registered charity

Project requirement:          Full professional event management & fundraising consult.

The client is a national well respected registered charity. The specifics required by the client was complete event and concept management from initial to completion stages.

The project involved embracing the full project manager role within a given timeframe, negotiation of costings with suppliers of service, media liaison and media plan management, logistics, venue secure, associated print and design requirement.

The end result was a positive one….we had worked with the client and their in-house team to bring their concept to a productive reality and positive fund generating event.

New Business Idea

Business description:       Amateur sports

Project requirement:         New business concept preparation for market

This concept is a completely new unique concept to the marketplace and happens to be an Irish good news story.

The client requirement included business specifics as follows; preparation of the business plan required for the business and submit for funding evaluation, Trade marketing and patenting of the new online concept, and provision of a proposed marketing schedule for the business.

Tourism Sales & Marketing overview 

Business description:       Tourism & Hospitality

Project requirement:         Sales & Marketing overview

The business is well established and accounts for a number of successfully trading properties. The requirement was to complete a full sales & marketing overview initially.

This project involved addressing targets versus actuals, operational elements, observation and monitoring of sales skills in-house and management styles.

New markets were identified for address, staff training was provided and a full portfolio of recommendations was provided to senior ma

Rebrand address

Business description:        Tourism & Hospitality

Project requirement:          Feasibility of a business rebrand.

This business entity is well established and trades successfully. It is now adding to its

portfolio of property types and models. As part of their business progress, they were now also considering a possible rebrand.

A totally objective view on the feasibility of a business rebrand was required by the client. The following were included as elements of the project; financial implications, design considerations, and operational issues.


Business description:        Health & Leisure

Project requirement:         Get SMARTT client.

This client was new to the competitive marketplace. This client required some simple guidance to increase awareness and how to set about selling and marketing their service productively.

Bofin Marketing worked with the client to communicate with the surrounding area regarding the benefits of their offer. We worked to help them to set themselves apart from their competition and diffrenciate their service.

Food Marketing

Business description:        Independent Food Producer

Project requirement:          Business mentoring

This business produces good food for a specific niche market. The client required help and periodical guidance with regard to increase stockists/sales, branding and general marketing for their business.

The business during and since the project has secured recognised awards and more importantly increased both stockists of their produce and their sales figures.