Do you want qualified experience and professionalism for you event? What value will we bring to your event?

  • With over 20 years corporate and business experience and nearly 10 years of business mentoring expertise, I am a qualified results focused professional who is focused on helping businesses to succeed and get the results they need and want to get to where they need to be.
  • We provide a professional qualified in Tourism & Hospitality and in Business disciplines which is backed up and supported by over 20 years of commercial and corporate real-time, real–life experience.
  • We have worked with and mentored successful business owners in Ireland and overseas.
  • We work to help focused business owners to make their business work around them and not the other way around.
  • Any speaking event we commit to will have a speaking engagement delivered which is focused on the attendees requirements and the event requirements.
  • We believe in professionalism and supporting businesses to grow and supporting business events that will add real value and provide knowledge with immediate action pieces to those in attendance. Mags Boland Murphy is a professional speaker and will support you in making your event a valuable, memorable and successful one.

Do you want someone to engage your audience? Do you want a focused speaker?

  • Mags Boland Murphy has worked as a national event organiser and international event organiser so, she understands business and the value of a professionally executed business event or networking opportunity.
  • Mags believes in sharing knowledge that is qualified and will add value for your audience which they can use immediately.
  • It’s not a “lets’ look at each-other or rest our feet” event. Mags’ talks are real, positive, passionate, fun, interactive and inspiring…..or so we are told!

Do you want a speaker who delivers lasting impact, provides the audience with real take-aways, items to action immediately, knowledge, solutions and some fun, not a forgettable just another “opportunity to snooze “speaker?

  • Every event is bespoke, the keynotes/seminars/masterclasses are specifically tailored for your event, Mags will keep it real, relative, practical, focused, fun and memorable.

Sample Speaking Topics

  • Simple secrets from the world of profit planning – applying this as a proved success model.
  • Optimum Tourism Trading – specifically for the tourism & hospitality sector.
  • People, Place, Price, Promotion and Profit – specifically for the tourism & hospitality sector.
  • Plan for the profit path. – There is no time like the present.
  • The People Piece – What is the value to your business?
  • Driving consistent cashflow…. consistently!
  • Empowering Success & Excellence. – Reach your full potential.
  • What needs to change in your business? -What do you need to do to overcome the challenges?

Sample Speaker events:
Some of the events I have spoken at and supported include the following:

  • Professional Women’s’ Network, Sweden.
  • Tourism & Hospitality Summit, Dublin.
  • The Brexit Breakfast, Bank of Ireland & Credit Unions of Ireland.
  • Empowering Enterprise, Sweden.
  • Empowering Enterprise, UK.
  • Kilkenny Network Ireland.
  • The Best You Expo. Europe
  • Chambers of Commerce – Nationwide in Ireland and in UK.
  • Sri Lanka Tourism.
  • Elevation Construction Network – Dublin and Wexford.
  • Macro Business Enterprises Ireland.

What our audiences says……..

“It was the only talk which I attended recently where I didn’t want to fall asleep or leave the room. The speaker was so inspiring and has confirmed for me what I want and need to do in my business and what I don’t need to do in my business.”
Ciara, SME business owner.

“I love it when speakers are genuinely passionate about the subject matter and who are relevant to us attendees. I loved the inspiration that this speaker provided and I learned heaps, thank you!”
Ellen, SME business Dept Manager
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